Vermicompost And How To Use It

How to Use Vermicompost

The whole purpose of your wormery is to get vermicompost, that rich fertilizer considered by many to the be the “black gold” of gardening. A small amount (about 60 ml) of vermicompost in one planting hole should make a considerable difference in plant health. You can also mix it in with the existing topsoil of houseplants and in gardens once or twice a year to boost growth. It can be used for yards, rosebushes, and other landscaping growth, as well, though it does best when placed close to the roots.

Many people also choose to make “vermicompost tea” for use as a spray or liquid application. This is a watered down version of vermicompost, and it can be easily applied over large areas with a sprayer. Companies sell compost tea makers, which can be used with vermicompost, or you can make your own.

In most cases, making tea means you simply “steep” the vermicompost in water for up to two weeks to yield a rich, liquid fertilizer. The traditional formula calls for a 3:9 ratio of vermicompost to water kept at room temperature. It must be stirred at least once a day, and you may want to add approved minerals or bubbling oxygen to enhance the richness of the tea. It is then sieved through a fine screen or cheesecloth and used as needed.

No matter what you do with the vermicompost, however, you should be proud of yourself for making such a difference in your life – and in your planet. By tapping into the power of the wormery, you are not only contributing to the environment in a positive way, but you’re also creating a generation of responsible global citizens who understand the delicate balance between the food we eat and the animals and plants that make it all possible.

A personal wormery lets you use worms to naturally compost many kinds of items for example:

  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • breads
  • cereals
  • paper products
  • soaked cardboard
  • egg shells

The worms produce compost from it a natural nutrient rich organic substance (vermicompost, or worm castings) – this can enrich soil for gardens, crops and house plants. Vermicompost has been determined as one of the best fertilizers available.